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You probably think you can help our website money. It is also, but there are other ways :-)

Non-financial assistance

- the download encyclopedia You made of pictures of known plants, of which there is still no.
- recommend the site to someone else, send the link to a friend, post a link on some other website, forum, journal, community etc.
- to quote any articles, plants or gardens in SOC. networks using the buttons
on each page of the website, while maintaining a link to the source.

Financial assistance

On our website is not and never will be advertising. Largely the reason for this lies in the fact that the creators of the website they use is amazing. However, the site requires expenditure - primarily on work to improve existing tools and capabilities, as well as to correct the identified errors. Registered users ask and even require to improve functionality, introduce new features in order to use the site easier. They have every right to be. We will surely implement all reasonable proposals to improve the functionality. But if the request is to add a function backed by the financial and we will begin to implement it IMMEDIATELY. That is, immediately after its receipt. For that, if You make a donation, write on what exactly You want Your money was spent. To get a report on the expenditure of funds leave your coordinates on which it (the report) can be sent. For example, email. Thank you very much!

How to make a donation

If You want to help promote the website by donations of money can be translated into:
- Yandex money 410013805594391