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How to get rid of stealing plants in the Botanical garden?

I thought: what motivates people to dig up plants in Botanical gardens and take them to their suburban areas? The impossibility of their (plants) to buy. It s true: why would I risk tearing often immature, seeds scratched out by the nails of the plants from the beds, if I can safely buy immediately after viewing the exhibition, it is official? As a result, it turns out that collectors and Botanical garden on the opposite side of the barricades, almost enemies. But in fact, they should cooperate. Collectors always have something that the Botanical garden does not have and Vice versa - they can change. The Botanical garden should not be an ivory tower, professing "pure science" as a religion, on the contrary, the ideal Botanical garden should work with collectors, as with the conductors of their ideas, the promotion of plants. On the territory of the Botanical garden should be a club where collectors could gather, discuss their business, change plants. The Botanical garden should have two types of delectus: scientific - as now and paid-for everyone. And if that were true, the theft of plants would be over once and for all, and the collection of plants would be different, different than now. Botanical gardens could test the seeds received not only on its territory, but also in the garden areas of their "correspondents" - collectors. This would make the introduction of new species much more reliable, the results of introduction - much more thorough, because the same seeds would be tested on different soils, in different climatic conditions.

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