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Table settings
Detailed instructions for using the list


1) the user can define the type of sorting:
clicking withheld Shift - Number,
clicking withheld Ctrl - Date (RU),
clicking withheld Ctrl+Alt - Date (EN)
2) when you add sorting to the headers of cells title "Sorted by...", if you specify in the "settings" use_title = true;
3) you can save the sort state for each table (in a cookie), for this in the section "settings" you need to specify use_cookie = true;
4) to remove cookies for a given table (reset saved sort state) by clicking on the header of the retained keys Ctrl+Alt+Shift;

Filters and search

1) to search in the middle of the field (string type) add a sentence before the unknown space;
2) to search for cells with otsutstviem given word to add before the search phrase (and in front of optional leading space) ^ ("cover").
3) The function of the dictionary allows us to find values in a large table with a very high speed.
4) Call the same entity the same in this column. For example, if You have a garden "First", write for each plant the "First" in column beds. This will ensure the correct operation of the filters.


1) the page size default is 20. To change the number edit this number in the appropriate field and then click "Install".
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